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October 10, 2011
This story and others found in the "What's in the news?" archive are not the opinion of Santos FC. These stories have been reproduced from today's media for the convenience of our loyal and avid readers.

This past weekend brought some shock news to the African continent with some of the “Big Guns” of African soccer not qualifying for the 2012 AFCON in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.  Previous winners of the competition have been eliminated and if one looks at the list of teams that haven’t qualified, which include; Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon and South Africa, all is not lost for our countries pride. 

But, if we talking about pride, what pride can we have in the displays of the country’s number 1? Number 1 what? Clown or goalkeeper? It was a disgrace to footballers, supporters and a country’s reputation that OUR players’ stoop to what I think was beyond acting. What example does that send to young footballers around the country, continent and the world? What he did has embarrassed me as a South African and a fan of South African football. Khune, I salute you on a fantastic performance in front of a capacity crowd, but, that near 10 minute performance could have cost your team and country a spot in the 2012 AFCON Finals. 

Another major issue that I’ve picked up over the years in football that no one ever takes the blame for things going wrong (SAFA not reading the rules which has been in place for years) and everyone depends on the next person/team (Bafana depending on Egypt to beat Niger). This whole debacle of qualifying would have been avoided if Bafana had just played to win the match, but they were dependant on Egypt beating Niger. Its too late for “if’s” and “buts”. SAFA and Bafana have only themselves to blame, as did the Proteas when losing on the Duckworth-Lewis system in the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Appealing against rules that have always been in place is going to bring nothing, but make SAFA and South Africa out to be sore losers. 

We will be following the progress of this case. The Critique will be back next week with more about Bafana and the upcoming weekends fixtures.