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The Siege of the Officials
September 28, 2011

This article and others found in"The Critique" archive are not the opinion of Santos FC. This forms the opinion of the anonymous Critique.

This week in 'The Critique' we concentrate more on the home-front with the PSL displaying an exciting weekend of football. I find myself lately watching more local soccer than the supposed higher standard football aired on Supersport these days. Sometimes I am however forced to satisfy my football craving with foreign soccer as I am disgusted to say it takes preference over our local games. How can we expect our football to grow and reach pinnacle levels if we can't even get a glimpse of local action when flicking through our 500+ channels on DSTV.

Many may be wondering what does any of this have to do with the title of this piece? Surprisingly a lot I'd like to reassure you. This past week Santos played away against Golden Arrows, luckily I was fortunate enough to witness the game first hand as the highlights footage happened to leave out significant detail. When fixtures are not televised, there tends to be a drop in the quality of referee's decision-making, or am I watching a different game?

The People's Team had a goal disallowed that didn't even make it into the highlights footage, a goal that in my personal opinion should have stood. Secondly, the penalty decision against Santos was a very dubious call, however low quality footage provided of the game makes it difficult to truly judge. Santos has not been the only team to have been on the receiving end of bad calls, this past weekend (although Ajax won) a goal of theirs was also disallowed for a handball incident, where the hand wasn't even near to the action.

Looking a little further back, when Chiefs managed to defeat Pirates in their league derby, 2 penalty decisions should have gone Pirates way rather blatantly. Such decisions don't only affect the smaller teams, but the bigger teams as well. Are such  calls a reflection on the refereeing ability in our country or is there evidence on some bias? Is only the former an option or has operation "Dribble" not fully fulfilled its role in the PSL?